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Louisiana rapper/Social media sensation Tokyo Vanity has just been added to the list of people that Young Thug has gotten on the wrong side of. Young Thug has been accused of ripping off Tokyo's hit song "Best Friend." During an interview with DJ Holiday Young Thug was asked about the beef that Tokyo has with him and he basically pretended not to know her name by calling her "lil fat girl." This is not the first time Young Thug has been accused of jack moves, remember The Carter 6? Well now its The Barter 6. Tokyo is threatening legal action against Young Thug. She also posted a screenshot of her being invited to the video that was just released for Young Thugs song in which she declined. Tokyo states that her song is indeed copywritten. Trey Songz has also sampled the best friend song. Tokyo, Young Thug is definitely not your best friend.

Tokyo Vanity Original "My Best Friend"

Young Thug Alleged Stolen Version of "My Best Friend"



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